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Starting Over....

Coming back from injury and what that means

Sometimes, we have to start over, I have had a year of starting overs. Starting this past January with my right knee, to coming back to race in Galveston, only to tear my right Hamstring Tendon in May, to chronic back issues, to a happy to be back and hopeful to race Ironman Boulder, to not racing in Boulder because of the Hamstring to physical therapy for months to getting back on track and training for Worlds 70.3 and Ironman Arizona, to a bike crash 1 week after Worlds 70.3 that caused a 3rd degree seperation in my right shoulder, broken ribs, mangled skin and a world of hurt. Not being diagnosed in the ER for the severity of the injuries, I continued to train and be hopeful to compete at Ironman Arizona, I had 8 weeks left to train.

After 4 weeks of pain that was just to much to bare and so much wrong with my abiity to sleep and breath, I decide to see my Ortho Doctor. After thorough examination and X-rays, Broken ribs were confirmed as well as 3rd degree shoulder seperation and torn meniscus in left knee. (ER diagnosed chest contusions and shoulder strain) This diagnosis sadly ended my season.

When you stand alone, it's a lot harder than when you seek the help of others to help lift you up.

In November, I had surgery to repair the meniscus and take out a Neuroma in my right foot that has plagued me for years. They both went great until the second week, my foot got a terrible infection and any gains I had made post surgery stopped completely. My foot had to be on constant elevation and I was bound to crutches and antibiotics for 10 days. What a nightmare. Now, 2 weeks later, I am once again "starting over" I have been mostly sedentary for 4 weeks. a few walks, a few bike rides, 2 attempted 3 mile jogs. Abs, arms, and lots of PT. I had to rely on my family and friends a lot, whether they knew it or not. Mentally, emotionally, and physically I have felt defeated and broken.

I am not at all sad the 2017 is coming to a close, I am looking forward to again starting over before the year ends. I am starting stronger and more motivated because I know great things are coming, all these set backs have spawned challenges and change. A renewed focus on what matters

My Motto for 2018.

Perfection has always been my enemy, I plan to spend more time enjoying my friends and family and coaching my athletes to be the very best they can be. Reaching goals together with joy!

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